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Customs stations 

Customs clearance

The Novorossiisk customs is one of the most difficult and unpredictable, while the Crimean station works fast and as one team because of its lower loading. Goods can be issued within a day by the Crimean station even with the time for transit, but if examination is appointed at the Novorossisk customs, the cargo may spend a week in the port queuing for examination, which will also last for several days. The Kransodar customs is good at solving the problems of customs value reconciliation and clearance of goods with an assessment value below the cost of risk.

We work with most customs stations of the Moscow region, including the Akulovo and the Krasnozavodsky station, where we clear special cargo, the cargo requiring a license, glue, some types of chemical goods and others.

We clear cargoes forwarded from China to Zabaikalsk at the Zabaikalsk customs station. Previously we could send declarations to the Moscow and Zelenograd COCFs from Zabaikalsk, but the Federal Customs Service has recently severed this link, this is why we have rechanneled the declarations to the Novosibirsk and Omsk COCFs.

Our experience shows that customs clearance of airfreight at the St Petersburg COCF is simpler, more understandable, cheap and predicable than at the Pulkovo station, while the choice of an aviation customs in Moscow only depends on the route of the air carrier.

We clear a small amount of cargoes from China, Korea, and other Asian states through the airport of Vladivostok. We also offer customs clearance services for regional equipment dealers from Japan.

The special feature of customs clearance of airfreight is that all declaring and issuance are to be done swiftly – checking and compiling all documents should be done literally within a few hours, and goods should be collected fast after the issuance, because keeping air cargo at terminals is very costly. Our team guarantees its clients fast and professional customs clearance of air cargo thanks to smooth interaction with the customs points and our vast experience.

We clear rail shipments the Moscow and Moscow region customs (МRC), аs well as the Obninsk customs point of the Kaluga customs.

The cargoes, which arrive at the Khovrino station cannot be cleared at the MRC, or rerouted to any other point as transit, this is why we file declarations for such cargo only to the Moscow customs, the Moscow Rail customs station.

The special features of work with any railway point is in a limited capacity of the station and freight handling terminals. This is why the customs can suspend delivery for several days in the period of heavy cargo flows.

We also offer services of customs clearance for excise goods – different equipment (motorbikes, snowmobiles, cross-country vehicles, loaders), engine oil, spirits imported by all kinds of transport. We clear excise goods at the Central Excise Customs (ОТО and ТК № 7 in Beloostrov and Pikino customs station in the Solnechnogorsk district of the Moscow region), аs well as at the COCF in Vladivostok.

Sea-born excise goods, which arrive to the Greater Seaport of St Petersburg, are cleared without moving by filing a customs declaration remotely. You can only clear the excise goods transported by cars in the Moscow region.