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Customs clearance of imports and exports

Our specialists will take over absolutely all problems connected with customs clearance of imported and exported goods starting with the initial document collection to the collection of the goods from the temporary storage warehouse. Besides, we are ready to pay for keeping the goods at the terminal at good conditions for a client.

We will analyze all the documents necessary for the clearing fast and professionally, choose the correct code for the goods in accordance with the FEACN of EEU, check for sticking to the intellectual property rights, export controls, technical, tariff and non-tariff regulation, calculate customs fees and ensure their timely payment before filing a customs declaration. We also offer import certification services having close ties with reliable certification bodies. Our clients clear their goods at all the key import and export hubs located at opposite points of the country, that is why we work seven days a week and twenty four hours a day.

From the moment Vladivostok wakes up and until 10 a.m. Western time a tight-knit team of coordinators, which works with initial information, compiles documents and sends them further to the customs declarants is in contact with our clients.

Like any customs broker, we use special software when working with the customs. We also develop our own programmes to clear goods declarations containing multiple codes, maintain electronic bases to automate and improve all processes.

We will not only save your time and health by keeping you away from direct interaction with the customs but also eliminate the risk of mistakes rooting in the absence of knowledge of complicated customs legislation or the nuances of customs clearance.