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Project transportation

Project cargo transportation is one of the most complicated and responsible tasks, which can only be entrusted to experienced professionals. A special logistics programme will have to be worked out for such cargoes as production lines, industrial equipment, large museum expositions, bulky and outsized composite cargoes. 

Organization of project shipping should take various criteria, including permitted loading of roads, transportation capacity, bearing capacity at sea transportation, the presence of loading facilities in reloading points and others, into consideration.

Thanks to our extensive experience of project shipping organization of various difficulty, our team will compile and calculate a special transportation project of any degree of complexity, offer the best logistics solution for the delivery of all outsized, oversized, heavy, rolling and hazardous cargo.

We deliver cargoes across the whole of the Russian territory, including to the most remote areas of the country and to such hard to reach territories as oil and gas deposits both when organizing standard shipping and when working with project shipping. We send vehicles to Russia’s Far East, go from Moscow to Khabarovsk and even to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. When organizing delivery in Russia, we offer both assorted service and sending by whole truckloads.

Although we have no trucks of our own, we try to work with vehicle owners and are very choosy about picking counteragents. Our security always checks potential partners, while our responsibility is always insured.


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