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Delivery by air

Delivery by air is the fastest and most expensive way of cargo transportation. Besides, a plane is the best and sometimes the only way to deliver perishable goods, food or medical goods.

We offer delivery of goods by passenger airlines, assorted or whole cargo planes to our clients. Delivery can take place both via a direct route or with reloading in the European hubs.

We are ready to organize cargo transportation from the USA, China, the countries of Europe and practically any place on Earth to Moscow or other cities, if such transportation is the best way of goods delivery to the client.

The cost of transportation by air will depend on the weight and size of cargo, its characteristics, the terms offered by the carrier as well as the urgency of the delivery.

We can offer charter services, meaning we can offer a whole plane for the client’s cargo along with standard transportation services by air. We will choose a plane specifically for your cargo taking into consideration the weight and size of your cargo.

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