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Automobile, railway, sea delivery of containers

Cargo delivery by a whole vehicle or a container is the most popular service. While vehicle transportation is mainly used for the European direction, containers are universal and are used all over the world.

We carry cargoes from the European and Asian states, the countries of the Middle East, northern and Latin Americas and are well acquainted with the special features and nuances of work with suppliers from different countries, this is why we are ready not only to arrange an internal delivery chain, but also organize it to the point of interaction with a foreign supplier.

When organizing transportation by car, air, or railway we work with all types of containers – standard (“dry”, refrigerator containers (reefers with temperature regimes), open top containers (containers with an open top to carry outsized cargoes), container modules of the flat rack type (container with ends without side limits), tank containers (tankers) to carry liquid chemical goods and others.

Regardless of the type and way of transportation, our responsibility as a forwarding agent is always insured, while the client can insure the cargo as well.

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