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We are ready to organize the transportation of any goods purchased by you in the USA and Canada, we have a lot of experience in the delivery of delivery

  • oilfield equipment;
  • consumer goods;
  • high-precision production equipment
Time of delivery

Estimated delivery time of a container from US ports by sea to a port in the Russian Federation is 2535 days. Cargo delivery as part of a dispatch team depends on many factors, the average delivery time is 10-18 days

Despite poor political environment, the American direction is still popular for producers of the oil servicing industry, equipment and décor. Despite the sanctions lists and further toughening with which we have to deal when organizing imports from the USA, our company is successful in organizing transportation from America. It also offers a full range of related services.

We have established partnerships with American counteragents, developed various schemes of goods transportation both from the USA to Russia and from Russia to the USA. We know the specifics of air and sea delivery (if there were a rail or a car option, we would have mastered them too) and special features of work of American senders.

    USA. Sea

Transportation by sea in a preassembled or individual container is preferable for unurgent or in-gauge cargoes. Unfortunately, a thin freight flow between the countries prevents establishment of a direct route, and goods are delivered with transshipment in European ports, where the containers are reloaded from heavy container carriers to smaller feeder vessels. The risk of additional checks in a transit port should also be taken into consideration.

Since we cannot influence transportation after loading, we always ask our American agents to check for prohibitions and restrictions on their goods in the goods code, the receiver or a trade mark. This allows us to collect necessary and exhaustive transportation documents guaranteeing successful sanctions checks.

We offer delivery by direct vessel, which travels from the American port in Baltimore to St Petersburg about 30 days to the clients fearing delays during reloading in Europe. Direct vessels can enter European ports without reloading excluding the risk of cargo delays by the European authorities.

   USA. ir

If a cargo is very urgent, aviation is the only solution. One company carries the bulk of freight on this route, causing intermittent delays. The carrier has the right to postpone cargo delivery without explanation. Besides, there can be delays during transit while reloading the goods on another vessel in Europe.

When deciding on aviation transportation, you should understand clearly what is more important to you the costs or the time. If the client is interested in the best possible speed and safety of delivery by air, we can offer transportation by a direct freight flight from the USA to Moscow.

A small cargo can be sent by a direct passenger flight, which cuts the time and cost of delivery significantly. This type of delivery is only for the senders on a so called list of known trusted agents. If the company is not on the list, it cannot send goods this way.

We always stick strictly to the rules of interaction with direct suppliers, build reliable and long-term partnership relations with local agents. Our suppliers can also provide their consolidation warehouses, where we can offer a whole range of services both ex works and FOB.