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Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Denmark, Norway


European countries develop foreign economic relations on a par with others, supplying them in the import direction

  • Consumer Goods
  • industrial equipment
  • food industry
Time of delivery

Estimated delivery time for consolidated shipments from Europe will be 10-14 days, for a separate car 5-10 days

We deliver all types of cargoes by different transport from Germany, Italy, Britain, Denmark and other European states to Russia and offer a wide range of logistics and forwarding services.

We organize transportation by car, by air or by ship depending on the task.

Air shipping from Europe is less popular because of weight limits, the price and a short route. Shipping by sea is also unpopular due to its high price and is mainly used for container cargoes, which are transported in large volumes. It takes about 20 days to deliver a consolidated cargo from Europe to Moscow by sea.

Besides, naval transportation with reloading in European ports can be suspended because of jams in the European ports. Unfortunately, we cannot influence the speed of loading in this case. However, if we know about a jam, for instance, in Hamburg, beforehand, we will definitely choose a route with reloading in Rotterdam. 

The most popular service is delivery of assorted lading and whole truckloads from Europe thanks to the best price and delivery time ratio.

Delivery of assorted cargoes is done via consolidation warehouses in Lithuania, Latvia, Germany and Italy.

Our European partners take consolidated cargoes for their further shipment to Russia. Cargoes from consolidation warehouses are usually sent on Fridays and arrive at temporary storage warehouses in Russia on Monday allowing for precise calculation of the delivery time, which amounts to 10 – 12 days on average. 

When ordering assorted cargo, the client should keep in mind the risk of delays because of jams at borders as well as possible delays because of priorities of temporary storage warehouses (TSW) in the country of delivery.

We analyze the European situation in an online regime, get in touch with transportation companies fast, track the cargo along the entire route by all available means to warn our clients about any delays timely. Besides, we are very particular about our partners and carriers having all necessary permits to avoid failing delivery deadlines.

We have recently offered a special service of assorted cargo delivery by car from Italy to our clients. It takes a car 5-7 days to get from an Italian warehouse to a warehouse in Moscow and it arrives to the destination point without interim reloading. This is no secret that shipping assorted cargoes via consolidation warehouses is significantly cheaper than direct delivery from one country to another. However, we keep the prices when sending cargoes from Italy the same as when sending cargoes through consolidation warehouses.

Our company organizes not only imports but also exports or cargo to Europe, thanks, among others, to tight cooperation with state institution of export support the Russian Export Center (REC).

We also offer our clients a full range of services of temporary exports and of imports back of goods for participation in exhibitions and other similar events.