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China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India


The Asian region is the largest supplier of all types of goods for the whole world. Among others from this region we regularly ship:

  • resistant materials
  • consumer goods
  • electronics
  • enterprise equipment
Time of delivery

Estimated transit time to the port of St. Petersburg is approximately 45 days, to the port of Novorossiysk - 27 days, Vladivostok or Vostochny - 15 days

The Asian direction is our key route. We will easily organize transportation for you from Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, China and other Asian countries by any available transport. We are perfectly aware about the special features of the Asian states operations, that is why we take into consideration all possible risks, be it the Chinese New Year or endless Malaysian holidays.

We can deliver cargo by sea, by air or by railway through our many agents in China and other south Asian states.

There are three basic options for sea delivery from China:

- delivery to the port of St Petersburg (about 45 days),

- a direct ship from a Chinese port to Novorossiisk (about 27 days, but at a higher cost),

- delivery to a port of Russias Far East (sea freight to the port of Vladivostok or Vostochny, about 7 15 days).

One of our priority goals when organizing delivery is to give a correct guidance to the client, to be honest with him about all the special features of the route and possible risks. This is why our standard delivery time from China to Russia is not always the key criterion when choosing the port of delivery. Seasonality, loading of the route, possible railway delays as well as special features of customs clearing at destination points and lots of other daily changes should be taken into consideration. Armed with this knowledge, our logistics specialists choose the routes ensuring the best transportation terms.

We sign direct contracts with sea carriers, we work without intermediaries, ensuring reliable service and comfortable prices.

Sending cargo by accelerated container trains (ACT) is worth a special mention. An accelerated train leaves Vladivostok and Ussuriisk each week and it takes it 4 or 8-12 days respectively to travel to the destination station in Novosibirsk or Moscow.

A cargo can also be sent by direct train from China it takes a container 16-17 days to travel by railway from Shanghai to Moscow via Zabaikalsk without rebuilding of a train. This is the fastest route.

Unfortunately, there can sometimes be jams and a lack of trains due to the popularity of the railway route, which also has to be factored in in some cases.

Thanks to our cooperation with our Chinese agent, who consolidates assorted cargo in Manchuria, we organize regular delivery from China by car.

We offer transportation by air to the clients who desire minimal delivery time from China. Aviation cargo delivery depends on the flight and loading of the airport of departure and may take between 3 t 12 days.

When organizing delivery by air from China, we will chose the best packaging option for you and will also control loading and transportation of goods at the airport of departure to the destination point.