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Аrneis is an international freight forwarder and a customs broker. Our representation offices are located in all Russia’s key transportation hubs – the Central, North-Western, and Far Eastern Federal Districts. Our team counts about 40 passionate professionals and no less than the same number of professional partners all around the world.

Logistics for us is primarily an attitude, an attitude considerate and responsible. We realize the importance of our clients’ work and understand their emotions about the deadlines, the cost and the quality of cargo delivery. International transportation is not only about containers, planes and steamships, it is also about business culture, traditions, climate and different requirements in different states. This is why it is utterly important not only to deliver freight from point А to point B successfully, but to do it so that the client is sure that each stage of the delivery will be a success.

We believe that doing just what the client asks for is insufficient. Of course, sticking to all the requirements and conditions is crucial, but the world evolves and sometimes the best solutions are not that obvious. A constant search for such decisions for our customers is the basis of our business development.

We are interested in any tasks regardless of their scope and complexity, We work with pallets and containers with as much responsibility and good feeling as large regular shipments. We are happy to build logistic chains together with our clients, master new routes and widen horizons of our operations.

Customs clearance is an integral part of international logistics. We start a project by analyzing an order at its production stage and finish it with the delivery to your warehouse. Our teams are concentrated in the time zones of Moscow and Vladivostok helping us to process orders 20 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is still working hours in the country of the shipper, but it is already evening in Russia? Friday is a weekend day in the Arab states, that is why they work on Sundays? This is no problem for us, only special features of a client, we work with them every day.

Logistic is conspicuous for its multitasking and stress, and you cannot work here without genuine enthusiasm and sincere interest. This is why Arneis‘ key advantage is experienced workers, who are passionate about their work and interested in doing it honestly and professionally.

P.S. Some small shipments leave no budget for quality (it cannot cost much). In this case we offer recommendations on how a client can ship his goods on his own without additional costs. And yes, you can always turn to us for advice or consultation, it is free.

Igor Burlov CEO

Our goal is to make the logistics process understandable, measurable and predictable. Our mission is to deliver better. 

North America Europe Asia
North America

Edmoton (Canada), Houston, Dallas, Denver (Texas, USA), Mooresville (North Carolina, USA), Newcastle (Oklahoma, USA), Denver


We are ready to organize the transportation of any goods purchased by you in the USA and Canada, we have a lot of experience in the delivery of delivery

  • oilfield equipment;
  • consumer goods;
  • high-precision production equipment
Time of delivery

Estimated delivery time of a container from US ports by sea to a port in the Russian Federation is 25–35 days. Cargo delivery as part of a dispatch team depends on many factors, the average delivery time is 10-18 days

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Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Denmark, Norway


European countries develop foreign economic relations on a par with others, supplying them in the import direction

  • Consumer Goods
  • industrial equipment
  • food industry
Time of delivery

Estimated delivery time for consolidated shipments from Europe will be 10-14 days, for a separate car 5-10 days

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China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India


The Asian region is the largest supplier of all types of goods for the whole world. Among others from this region we regularly ship:

  • resistant materials
  • consumer goods
  • electronics
  • enterprise equipment
Time of delivery

Estimated transit time to the port of St. Petersburg is approximately 45 days, to the port of Novorossiysk - 27 days, Vladivostok or Vostochny - 15 days

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