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The more decisions you need to make, the worse their quality. Let us solve your logistic tasks and direct your efforts and time to strategic business development. Years of experience and practical skills help us most efficiently deliver cargo from point A to point B, choosing a balance between time and cost. Every day we are developing, expanding the range of services provided, raising our service standards to a new level.


North America Europe Asia
North America

Edmoton (Canada), Houston, Dallas, Denver (Texas, USA), Mooresville (North Carolina, USA), Newcastle (Oklahoma, USA), Denver


We are ready to organize the transportation of any goods purchased by you in the USA and Canada, we have a lot of experience in the delivery of delivery

  • oilfield equipment;
  • consumer goods;
  • high-precision production equipment
Time of delivery

Estimated delivery time of a container from US ports by sea to a port in the Russian Federation is 25–35 days. Cargo delivery as part of a dispatch team depends on many factors, the average delivery time is 10-18 days

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Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Denmark, Norway


European countries develop foreign economic relations on a par with others, supplying them in the import direction

  • Consumer Goods
  • industrial equipment
  • food industry
Time of delivery

Estimated delivery time for consolidated shipments from Europe will be 10-14 days, for a separate car 5-10 days

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China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India


The Asian region is the largest supplier of all types of goods for the whole world. Among others from this region we regularly ship:

  • resistant materials
  • consumer goods
  • electronics
  • enterprise equipment
Time of delivery

Estimated transit time to the port of St. Petersburg is approximately 45 days, to the port of Novorossiysk - 27 days, Vladivostok or Vostochny - 15 days

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